Abraham Lincoln looks great on a T-shirt doesn't he?

Fundraising with Custom Shirts

Fundraising with custom shirts and apparel is a great way for schools, non-profits, animal rescues, shelters and others to raise money.

When it comes to a good cause, there’s always many people out there who’d love to support it but sometimes they just don’t know how.

By providing options like shirts and hats for them to buy – with proceeds going to help the cause – you’re not only raising awareness but raising real money. We know that without community support even a great cause is just a dream, so allow people these low-resistance ways to get involved. In many ways it’s better for everyone when your supporters receive something physical when contributing because the token shirt or hat helps them and spreads the message to others too.

When preparing to order fundraising shirts somethings to consider are sponsors – do you put sponsors on the clothing for additional revenue? – sizes – what sizes are your supporters? – artwork – what artwork will work best? – and shirt color – does the shirt color match your organizations identity?

Consistently custom shirts that have a fundraising component tied in sell-through far faster and for higher dollars than people starting clothing lines for profit. People want to support good causes so give them an excuse!