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If you’re looking for the perfect shirt for your project the best way to choose the right T-shirt, Hoodie or Tank-top to customize is to work with our team.

From their years in the business they can provide suggestions based on your budget, quality needs, fabric choice and more to help you make the correct choices

We do have some commonly ordered customer favourites, and you’re welcome to browse our most frequently customized shirts below.

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Custom clothing t-shirt supplier logo's. We feature t-shirts and other custom shirts from brands like Gildan, American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, ATC and more.

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Understanding your Custom Clothing Options:

Whether you’re an individual looking for shirts, a business looking for branded clothing or a hockey team looking to make jerseys you’ll need to limit your options or you’ll be overwhelmed.

All shirt orders are different, and your first step should be considering what is “non-negotiable”. What we mean by that is in a perfect world, every shirt brand would have every size available, every colour, every gender option, every fabric, a youth option, a longsleeve version, a hoodie version, matching sweatpants and on-and-on it would go.

Unfortunately in the real world, even the largest brands are limited to what they can create. Anvil for example, one of the clothing blanks we use, is exceptional at quality and has an affordable price-point but the drawback is limited color options and product variety.


In our years in the custom t-shirt business, we’ve seen many shirt jobs and different projects, different people with different requirements, and each job has it’s own set of specifics which just cannot be compromised.

For some, it could be material. Maybe a dry-fit shirt is absolutely necessary for a team of construction workers looking to stay cool working out in the sun. If the dry-fit options don’t line up perfectly with what they would want, maybe they could compromise on the exact shade of colour they want, or maybe they don’t have a preference on where it’s made.

This is what we are talking about when we say to know – for you – what is “non-negotiable” and to begin narrowing down your product choices from there.


Main Options to Consider when Selecting Blank Shirts:

Sizing and Fit:

Do you require youth products, ladies shirts, or any big and tall shirts? Not all shirt brands or styles have equal options. One shirt brand could have the perfect men’s shirt, but if you’re outfitting a group of people and want them to look consistent you’ll want a shirt style that has a “sister-fit” for ladies. Another might seem perfect at first sight, but maybe it doesn’t have extra small, or XXL+ sizes which your group may need.

If fitting everyone is your most important requirement (and we agree it’s important!) start with identifying and working within your sizing requirements so that when you move to your next choices the product already meets your most important requirement: it fits everyone!

All T-shirts, hoodies and other products we carry have available sizing charts so you can confirm fit.


Fabric and Quality:

The fact that not all fabrics are created equal might be obvious, but did you realize that there’s significant variation between 100% cotton T-shirts? Different brands and styles use different ounce weights of cotton, and can be processed in ways that make them feel dramatically different.

Ring-spun cotton, combed cotton, pima cotton and enzyme treated cotton are all 100% cotton T-shirts that have been differentiated by regular cotton Tee with by processing that leaves a softer feel. Almost always higher quality shirts that have undergone these processes feel better and print nicer, but are more expensive.

Alternatively there are many polyester athletic materials with “moisture-wicking” and dry-fit properties. There are also composites, bamboo, stretch materials and on and on it goes.

If your custom clothing project involves and centers around a quality fabric, or a fabric for a specific application this may be a “non-negotiable” for your project, and you would want to start here.



Primarily for promotional reasons and branding awareness Colour can be the most essential requirement for a custom clothing project. Certain brands have more colour variety than others, and within a brand different styles of shirt have different colour options also.

Gildan, for example, is a blank shirt supplier with many color options. Their basic T-shirt, the Gildan 5000, has over 50 colours! But their crew-neck sweater only has around 20. This means that if your brand has a very specific color, you may need to look into alternate options for the crew-neck, or perhaps use a neutral colour on the crew-neck but print your company logo with the perfect shade.


As always price is an important factor, but for best results we hope it isn’t anyone’s “non-negotiable”. If cheap custom shirts are the most important factor, we’d recommend a basic T-shirt from either M&O knit or ATC. They have a good range of sizes, colours and are of good quality so your other preferred options should be easily met.

Country of Origin and Sustainability:

More and more the world is turning to more sustainable options and the T-shirt printing industry is no different. If your primary concern is this, or maybe your customers concerns are this, there are many great options.

Organic cotton is now a material offered for shirts, and there are even Canadian shirt manufacturers like Jerico who pay fair North American wages and produce products right here in Ontario.


Whatever your “non-negotiable” is, define it and use the catalog to support your choice.

If any of the shirts here suit your business or project don’t hesitate to reach out. Also – if none of them seem to suit get it touch and we’ll track down the closest.

Happy shirt printing Canada! Thanks for working with us

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