Shirts for Community Events

Ordering custom T-shirts for a community event like a barbeque, family reunion, or fun run?

Many events can make use of custom printed apparel by offering a momento of the event and give their participants some extra value. Event attendees know that their ticket cost is going to organization and event expenses, but it still feels better when they receive something physical like a custom printed T-shirt as well. It doesn’t cost organizers much and can be a great reminder of the event and for them to attend next year when they wear it.

Beyond that extra value, custom T-shirts are a great way to identify staff; first-aid or important event participants – reward winners in some cases – and display sponsor messages. Did you know that many events make money from their custom T-shirt order by engaging sponsors and selling them advertising space on printed apparel?

When it comes to these types of events usually it’s practical to stick with a value oriented custom shirt rather than going with high end fashion style products, but every clothing order is different. For events like a 5K run, spartan-race, mud-run or anything athletic, Ottawa Custom Clothing has got you covered with athletic moisture wicking apparel at great prices too.

A strong and vibrant local community is what it’s all about and we’re happy to do what we can to make your event clothing purchase a success.