Custom Printed Tank-Tops


Fitness leisurewear is on the rise in Canada and custom tanks / tank-tops are perfect for bands, athletic wear, schools and more. 

DID YOU KNOW: High end casual brands are the fastest growing segment of the clothing market recently and there’s no signs of it slowing down!

Culturally, we’re getting more comfortable in casual styles of clothing. Customers, clients and even employees in Canada are now looking to wear tank tops more than ever, both unisex and ladies custom tank tops, so what should you know before ordering?


With a custom printed tank-top, you’re going to need to decide if you’re looking for something economical (for festival give-aways, 1 time events like bachelorettes, or as a value buy), or whether you’re buying for a clothing line where high-value can be essential to customer interest and sales.

You’ll want to decide where what your goals in terms of a final product.


As with T-shirts, there are 100% basic cotton, 100% jersey cotton, dry-fits, polyester and other material blends that you can choose based on what kind of custom tank-top style your audience wants.

Different fabric and style options have different costs, and many buyers are surprised to find out that printed tank-tops are generally slightly more expensive than T-shirts, because (for now at least) they are produced in less volume world-wide and the production costs are a greater impact on product price.

Despite the expense, custom tank-tops and tank top printing are trending for both men and women, and there are many options available at different quality levels.

Tanks look great with a company logo or branded image, and they are great for layering in Canada weather.

  • Basic Unisex Tank-tops (cheapest custom tank-tops)
  • Ladies Racer-back (Razor-back)
  • Flowey Tank-tops
  • Tri-blend Tank-tops
  • Athletic Tank-tops
  • Ring-spun Cotton Tank-tops (good quality but also cheap tank-tops)


As with many printed products when you’re choosing custom tank-tops you’ve got a few brand options.

There are a few main difference between tank-top brands that you’ll want to consider:

Custom Gildan Tank-tops:

Gildan products have a reputation for being good value apparel at affordable prices. Many of their products are on the cheaper end and offer many different colour options. Gildan also has recently focused in on the athletic market with performance and dry-fit fitness tank-tops.

The go-to Gildan tank-top is the G2200 and it’ll be suitable for many projects.

M&O Tank-tops:

M&O is a brand that produces it’s product out of mexico and offers a good quality tank at a great price. Their 4505 tank is an excellent choice for many custom tank-top projects however it only has 6 colours available.

Bella + Canvas:

Bella tanks have premium fashion oriented tank-tops that work well for high end brands and projects. They’re a bit more expensive than typical tanks but the quality shows, and they have more variety of fits; like flowey tank-tops and ring-spun cotton tanks. 

Anvil Tank-tops:

Anvil tanks are a good middle of the road option. The quality and fabric are excellent, and the price is affordable. They have a good set of colours that are well curated in terms of style. Check out their CRS line, it’s really solid and their tank-top matches their shirt. 

Beyond these favorite brands there are many custom tank-top options out there. If you’re in search of something specific we’d be happy to help offer guidance on your project.


Don’t be scared of casual styles!

These days there are premium products in this space that the community wants to wear. Custom tank-tops are great for summer events, fun orders and fashion lines and are perfectly suited for custom screenprinting and even embroidery.

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