Ordering Custom Apparel in St. Catharines

What You Should Know

St Catharines is a relatively small city of only just over 100 000 residents. Despite this, the need for custom clothing is still high for the many events, organizations and small businesses that operate here. St Catharines also has a lively recreational sports scene which makes custom shirts like 3/4 sleeve baseball T’s, jerseys, hockey gear & more very common.

There’s many service based businesses in the areas supporting the housing market like landscapers, carpenters, construction businesses and property maintenance teams and a selection of outdoor wear in safety green / safety orange or reflective vests will help those industries out. As with many cities in the Niagara region there is a diverse set of seasons and clothing buyers should consider a full season order to achieve wholesale pricing if it’s possible.

Main Considerations

-Interesting and varied weather from Lake Ontario
-Many rec sports teams and service businesses
-Relatively small city will make it difficult to launch a fashion / custom shirt line without an existing audience

Seasonal Options

-Spring & Summer: T-shirts, Tank-tops, Light Hoodies, Long-sleeves, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Sports Jerseys, Regular Hats/Caps
-Fall & Winter: Hoodies, Sweaters, Light & Heavy Jackets, Toques

The Bottom Line

Keep your staff, event attendees and customers happy! Whether it’s your sports team or your business, there’s plenty of custom clothing options out there for St Catharines that can be produced and delivered quick!