Custom Embroidery

As clothing decorators in ottawa / gatineau we know that custom embroidery (custom embroidered polos, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, hats, etc) can be an important part of your overall branding strategy.

While it’s true a good screen-print should always last the life of the shirt, custom embroidery literally becomes the clothing.

How Custom Embroidery Works

The first step of an embroidered shirts order is your company / business logo should be converted to a digitized file.

The role of this file is to plot the stitches and colors of thread that the embroidery machine will sew directly into the shirt, another benefit of this file is that it allows your embroidery company to asses the total stitches & stitch-count and offer a quote.

*Not all digitized files for embroidery are created equal*

A premium result is an art-work first approach, so a good file means a good embroidery almost always.

Always look for the best artist you can afford.

That embroidery file will stay with your business forever as long as your artwork doesn’t change, so it makes sense to have a good one.

From there, it’s then up to you to select what types of embroidered products you want.

While occasionally basic shirts are done with custom embroidery, primarily customers want custom sweaters embroidered; jackets, hats, tuques, polos and dress shirts.

Custom embroidered hoodies are very popular also.

After the product is selected and the order is processed, the machines and the digitizations will do their work, with the help of an embroidery machine operator to load and unload the loops. Since the stitching process is automated, results will be consistent between products – they’ll all look nearly identical.

After that it’s off to the golf course, board room, the game, or to the sales floor to show off your flash new custom gear!

Embroidery is popular among schools, clubs, organizations, fashion and other industries, and can be a great fit for yours if you’re looking for a premium product, or are in an industry that works with solvents where a basic print won’t hold-up.