Ordering Custom Apparel in Barrie

What You Should Know When Preparing your Custom T-shirt order:

In Barrie, where the people are the city, why not have a well dressed city?

Barrie is home to larger companies and a massive industrial sector. Here, many retail shirt orders seen in smaller towns aren’t present.. That said, the orders that do come from here are often large. We think big in Barrie!

There’s lots of close ties with Toronto, so lot’s of clothing shopping ends up coming from there. Maybe being so close to TO stifles a bit of the Barrie custom clothing creativity but we think there’s a lot of room for innovation anyway. The priority doesn’t need to stay large wholesale orders for Barrie’s service industry… We’re happy to help with any type of clothing order!


Warm, hot, freezing rain, cold, hot, warm, windy, windy, cold, snowy. 

Sound familiar Barrie?

One thing many people making custom T-shirts and other printed apparel don’t realize is that annoyingly unpredictable Canadian weather is actually not all that bad if you’re layered up and have the right protection. 

For bands and clothing companies there’s no reason not walk off the beaten path and into products OTHER than custom t-shirts. Try custom hoodies, tank-tops, jackets, hats and tuques. Give people custom printed clothing for all seasons, stuff that they can’t get everywhere else. They’ll proudly wear your brand if it keeps them comfortable. 

For Barrie contractors and small businesses, give your staff options! Custom T-shirts are great but if you want your brand to be out there you’ll need to give people year-round printed apparel options.

Barrie, like many cities in the area, has a wide variety of weather. Often clients are ordering for the full season to achieve volume discounts, and so it’s not surprising to see jackets and thick hoodies tagged on to an order in the middle of summer.

Main Considerations:

-Many residents get retail clothing needs met in TO (hard to start a fashion line)
-Many larger commercial orders come from Barrie (250+ shirt orders)
-While Barrie has lot’s of charm, it tends to come from practicality and tradition. Often it can be best choosing practical clothing instead of sensational.

Seasonal Options:

-Spring & Summer: T-shirts, Tank-tops, Light Hoodies, Long-sleeves, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Regular Hats/Caps
-Fall & Winter: Hoodies, Sweaters, Long-sleeve T-shirts, Work-wear, Light & Heavy Jackets, Toques

Advanced Custom T-shirt Barrie Ordering Tips and Tricks

These are quality tips and tricks which are the result of decades of industry experience so ignore them at your own risk! They the main factors that determine price.

  1. Custom Print Sizing.

    A typical screen printer is pricing based on colors and volume. This means that print size is usually not a factor in price unless we’re talking artwork larger than 11×17 inches. A great way to get some extra attention on your shirt is to make good use of your print area.

  2. T-shirt Print Locations

    Two-sided printing, (or 2-3-4 location printing if you’re considering sleeve prints) will double or triple your printing costs. We love sleeve prints and there are times when 2-3 location printing defines the shirt and makes the impact significant, but think hard about whether the extra locations are worth it in the end.

  3. Colour Choices in your Artwork.

    Many printers work set-up costs into unit cost so setting up colors will add to your price. Think about getting creative with colors to save money. Can the shirt color be outlined to act as a color within the design? Maybe there’s colors you don’t need in our artwork and can replace them with colors we’re using already to save on costs.

  4. Halftones in your Print.

    Halftones are a great way to add interest and depth to an image without breaking the bank. Many black and white photographs can be produced using just 1 screen which can mean a shirt with high perceived value for a low price tag. Be aware that half-tone images will never turn out just like the photo but can have artistic and powerful results if the right image is chosen.

  5. Volume (Wholesale Custom T-shirts = lower prices).

    A great way to save money on production runs is to order in volume. Once a job is running on press it takes very little time to throw another 24, 48 or even 100 more shirts through in the grand scheme of things. Your printer will be able to cut you a good deal when you order in bulk and your unit cost could easily be half price on 10 for what you’d pay on 100.

  6. T-Shirt Styles and other Clothing (Band hoodies etc).

    Consider the shirt itself. Do you want the latest fashion fit American Apparel Tee at a premium or something more economical. Are you going to be ordering different styles? Mens, womens, tank tops, hoodies? Your printer should be able to put different products toward volume discounts if your artwork stays the same so why not have some variety and see what sells best to your fans. Ask about your options.

  7. T-Shirt Colour.

    Another consideration is shirt color – as long as the ink color stays the same different colored shirts can be part of an order at no extra cost. If you want to change ink colors during a run most printers will charge a small service fee but in certain circumstances it’s well worth it to create a range of different colors your fans can pick from.

  8. Custom T-shirt Product Sizes.

    The last consideration here is sizes. Your audience is different depending on your style of music, location, if your fans are women or men and so on. Everyone has a different audience. Size 2XL and above are typically billed at a premium by screen printers because they cost more to purchase. If you don’t need them and it’s your first order of product, consider saving some money by testing the waters. After your first round of sales you’ll be more informed about what sizing is your top seller and which ones are slow to move.


The Bottom Line:

Keep your staff, event attendees and customers happy! Whatever you clothing needs there’s certainly plenty of options. Keep the branding and artwork on your custom clothing order professional and you can’t go wrong.


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It’s possible you’re local to us and have seen our team in person, but since we service all of Canada there’s a chance we won’t have the opportunity to meet you… but we still want to show that we are experts who process orders securely and efficiently.

Here's how we build trust at the Ottawa Custom Clothing team:
  • We’ve got a photo of our actual shop with our company banner and a cute dog. (Hey we actually exist!)
  • When we take photo’s of shirt orders we throw an Ottawa Custom Clothing card on them so you know our shop actually handled and printed the order.
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More than anything we are shirt printers and embroiderers focused on our craft.

We want to use our skill and knowledge to help as many Canadians as possible receive cool custom shirts, uniforms, sportswear and whatever other apparel they might be looking for. We are excited and passionate to be a guiding force in how our country looks and what clothing they wear.

At the end of the day the first order is the hardest to give the go-ahead on for customers, once we get through that then we can grow together!

If there’s any questions you have about placing an order we’d be happy to help!

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