Custom Shirt Printing and Embroidery Services

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What is Screen-printing?:

If you’re reading this there’s no doubt that you’ve had experience with screen-printed clothing in one form or another. Screen printing is the worlds most popular shirt decorating method and is used by all the big boys in the clothing industry like Nike, Champion, Adidas and many many more.

Screen printing isn’t just for fashion, it’s perfect for many small businesses because Plastisol screen-printed ink is incredibly durable and has a professional, bright look. Contractors, landscapers, events and organizations like the practicality, quality and affordability it offers. Industry research shows Plastisol screen-prints beats out vinyl, heat transfer and DTG printing for print quality and durability.

Screen-Printing Rates:

Screen-print pricing is done by quote (you can get one on our quote page or call) however the rates are very competitive.

Generally print prices depend on 3 factors:

  • 1) The number of colors in your print
  • 2) The number of print locations
  • 3) The total number of prints 
  • Less often (but it does happen) there are other considerations that can impact pricing. Specialty fabrics like spandex or other stretchy blends can require additives or extra care, and there is often an extra expense associated with specialty inks such as waterbase, puff inks, metallic and others.

For many of our custom t-shirt printing projects we provide customers with T-shirts and apparel.

Our product selection is extensive and pricing and our pricing is very competitive. Often it is cheaper and easier to work with product we provide, as there’s no extra delivery or drop-offs, and we know the product cure times and how to print it perfectly.

If you’d like to see product options that work well with the screen-printing process you can visit our catalog page.


What is Embroidery?:

Embroidery is another time-tested way to customize shirts and fabrics, and examples of hand stitched embroidery exist from thousands of years ago – evidence of how durable it is. Today, wholesale embroidery is done by machine. Each stitch is plotted by an embroidery file, and embroidery machines read this file and recreate the artwork with a consistency, speed and quality that’s just not possible by hand.

People typically opt for embroidery over screen-printing in specific circumstances where it simply fits better. Head-wear like hats and tuques are a great fit for embroidery because the material is more voluminous and a curved visor makes printing difficult. Other applications can be polo’s and jackets where premium look is desired, or on fashion projects where the brand wants to differentiate itself.

Embroidery Rates:

Embroidery is done by quote (you can get one on our quote page or call) however the rates are very competitive. 

Generally embroidery prices depend on 2 factors:

  • 1) The number of stitches in your design. Once your artwork file is digitized it has a “stitch-count” this count is essential to pricing a job
  • 2) The total number of items being embroidered with the same design
  • Less often (but it does happen) there are other considerations that effect embroider pricing. While less common than with screen-printing, embroidery will occasionally have jobs with multiple embroidery locations. Also like screen-printing, there is often an extra expense associated with specialty threads and techniques, such as metallic thread or puff embroidery.

Often we provide the products for embroidery, but there are exceptions. If you have an intention to provide clothing for your embroidery order please make sure your product has embroidery access panels.

If you’d like to see product options that work well with the custom embroidery process you can visit our catalog page.

Graphic Design:

Original logos + artwork, Embroidery digitization, Pre-press optimization & more:

An essential part of any custom t-shirt decorating project is starting with the right artwork. Good design can send a message, it can encourage potential customers to purchase, it can raise awareness and it can signal professionalism when worn by your or your team.

The type of design we offer ranges from creation of original logos, designs and artwork, to development of web-assets (images or artwork for your website), images for print, embroidery files and pre-press optimization of screen-printed graphics. Pre-press optimization can really take shirt screen-printing to the next level because colours, lines and design detail will all improve. The quality is noticeable.

If your project has basic artwork needs, like a simple text layout or vector trace, we are accommodating as possible. In fact we try not to charge anything.

For artwork more involved, we have artists on hand who can quote a job based on estimated hours and the complexity of the graphic design. The nice part about working with our art team directly is that any designs they come up with will be print ready! Often other graphic artists can make exceptional artwork but may not be aware of the manufacturing realities of applying their work to a custom t-shirt.

For a graphic design quote send us an email at

Canada Wide T-shirt Delivery!

Drop Shipping and T-shirt Fulfillment:

See how OCC's Drop-shipped clothing can benefit you:

Never touch a custom printed T-shirt again! Direct to your Customers:

While we love holding, mailing and just being around T-shirts and ink – we totally understand that you may not be as wild for it as us. That’s why we are now offering drop-shipping T-shirts in Canada as a service to our customers. Have us order, print and ship shirts with your preferred artwork all over Canada.

Fulfillment by us within Canada means no surprise customs or border fee’s:

There are some T-shirt printing or Shirt printing on demand services available in the United States, but the main complaint we’ve heard about these is trouble at the border.

You or your customers can see the price you expected to pay almost double with tariffs / customs charges, and those fee’s are unstable and unpredictable. 

Volume based pricing means you scale as you sell more shirts:

Your success is our success. To honour that, we offer discounts as your custom T-shirt drop shipping business grows. More print on demand business for us translates into more savings for you.

Adaptable service to suit your specific project:

There are many ways a drop shipping and fulfillment project can work to serve you best, so we do our part to be flexible. Different products besides T-shirts are an option, and customer branding can be added to boxes. We will work with you to create your ideal service.


The best way to get a quote is to reach out to our team by email or use the get a quote page and mention drop-shipping.