Cheap Printed Shirts


For many years, people have come to us looking for cheap custom shirts in Ottawa and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what people want in a custom shirt and what they really mean when they’re searching for the lowest cost, cheapest shirt option.

As I’ve mentioned in another post – many custom shirt printers around Ottawa and Gatineau scoff at clients that are working with a limited budget, but we disagree – there are definitely times when a cheap shirt is the perfect fit (literally) for the order.

Good reasons to go with cheap shirts:
  • Testing out a new idea and want model shots for the website
  • A small but growing business looking to stretch it’s promotional dollar (pro-tip – mix in some premium and mid range products to test for next year and wear for yourself
  • To fund-raise
  • As giveaway promotional shirts (think gym’s, membership businesses, tattoo shops)
Bad reasons to go with cheap customized shirts
  • You heard there are great deals on custom shirts from china (say a sweet farewell to your hard-earned money going down that route)
  • Business is going great but why not cut corners save some money (bad idea – employee pride, customer happiness and referrals all suffer when you cheap out on quality)
  • You think there’s no difference between a nice soft heavy ounce weight ring-spun shirt and a cheap basic cotton shirt. (Suprise – there is!)

Seriously whether or not you order from us invest in a few nice shirts for yourself, men especially.

Some small business owners in trades businesses have lived an entire life in cheap basic t-shirts and when we throw in a few premium performance products as samples in with an order and they wear them on a hot day they love the feel and can’t go back.

A few dollars more for being cool and comfortable for entire summers full of hot days? And your company looks better too?



The last reason that cheap custom shirts are something to be avoided where possible is this – your company, brand or business logo is going to be on that shirt. If people are picking up that shirt and it’s their favorite shirt, the one they wear around the house on a lazy Sunday and they keep it for years and years, that associates you and your brand with them in a meaningful way. It’s much more meaningful connection than with a throwaway cheap shirt.


Brands that have economy priced shirts we like:
  • ATC has a nice cheap shirt perfect for events
  • Gildan has great economy products (the largest producer of basic cotton t-shirts)
  • Hanes is somewhat more expensive but still a great blank option
  • Fruit of the Loom are another cheap staple shirt

Of these, we’ve have the best feed-back with the Gildan line, so it’s what we use primarily on economy focused orders.

While you can go with off-brands to shave another few cents off an order – there’s a difference between a cheap shirt that works and paper-thin trash. Cheap doesn’t need to mean junk.