Custom Baseball Shirts (3/4 Sleeves & More)



First off, what defines a baseball shirt? Often the baseball shirt style is defined by the different colored sleeves and the sleeve seams.

A raglan sleeve shirt is a way that the shirt sleeves are connected to the shirt body. In a regular style T-shirt or sweater, the shirt body is square, and the sleeves connect to the body. In a raglan style, the shirt sleeves connect on a 45 degree angle, and run all the way up to the collar.

As mentioned, the other defining factor in the baseball shirt style is the 2 tone nature of the garment. Often, the body will be white or light grey, and the sleeves and collar will be colored or dark. The white or light grey colored body make these perfect for customization and adding a custom print to.


The way to decorate a custom printed baseball T-shirt depends on the application. For team orders, generally there will be a unified team logo for the shirt front, and a custom name and number on the back. As a buyer, you will need to collect the specific names and numbers for your team for your printer.

For fashion oriented orders, the decoration choices are entirely up to the buyer, but one consideration is to try and match sleeve colors to a color in the print for a unified look.


A customized baseball shirt can be a number of different types of fabric, from cotton, to jersey cotton to dry-fit or polyester. Your fabric choice should be dictated by application… In a team order that will see the outdoors on a hot day, you will want to consider polyester or a 50-50, but if it a fashion oriented product you might prefer a soft jersey cotton or tri-blend.


Custom 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts are great choice for a Canadian company looking to either have a fun, sporty customized uniform or product, or for a real baseball team shirt order. Matching the sleeve color to the team / front color logo can be a great way to create a unified look.