Canada Wholesale Shirt Printing

At Ottawa Custom Clothing we’re committed to offering the best rates Canada wide for Canadians looking for custom printed shirts.

While America might be a bit bigger, Canada needs custom shirts too. As Canadians know, we’ve got a highly skilled trades sector and seasonal weather, which means that as a Canadian shirt printing Company we’re busy as can be in spring, with some time to think and plan our season in winter.

While some shirt printers see this as a problem, we live for the spring and summer, and enjoy every order we do. If you’re in Canada looking for custom shirts for your business you’re in the right place.

We offer Custom Printed T-shirts starting as low as 4.99$+tx Canadian on orders where economy is key, as well as high quality prints, products and fabrics – even shirts made right here in Canada by locals for orders that matter.

The bottom line is that we’re committed to the continued success of our clients. What they want is what we will help with, so if you or your business have any questions on our screen-printing, embroidery or custom shirts don’t hesitate to ask.