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Custom T-shirt Printing!

Custom T-shirt Printing
from only 4.99$+tx per shirt.

Canada Wide Shirt Printing & Delivery - Print with Ottawa's favourite Custom T-Shirt Shop Today!

You're looking for a simple, affordable, and no-nonsense shirt decorating company to handle your custom clothing needs and we're here to help!

Trust in OCC to handle your upcoming custom shirt printing and embroidery project!

It's easy. We do all the work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No set-up fee’s at all!

We pride ourselves on our our simple “no-nonsense” custom shirt pricing.
All set-up is built into our unit pricing so that orders are priced with the best value, and no surprises.

We ship Canada Wide!

Our tshirts make it to every corner of Canada! We currently have a promotion running for free shipping on qualified custom printed shirt orders.

  • When we ship your clothing it’s done through either Purolator or Canada Post, depending on your location.
  • Tracking numbers are provided with orders to ensure transparency and so you can plan on a delivery date.
  • We work with you on rush orders and can use expedited shipping and print scheduling to ensure we meet your deadline.

Never!… well, almost never 🙂

Simple artwork or logo layout is included with an order and we’re happy to say this means no artwork charges on most T-shirt orders!

Sometimes though there are orders where significant artwork changes are necessary; artwork needs to be created from scratch, or there are extensive quality touch-ups required and our courtesy artwork on an order won’t be enough.

When that happens – we’ve got excellent artists who aren’t going to over-charge you! When it’s necessary to do extensive artwork, we keep costs minimal make the process easy. With Ottawa Custom Clothing artwork is a flat rate of 25$ for the majority of extensive image alterations.

If you’re looking for clothing, we have you covered! (literally)

It might sound confident and proud but we are Ottawa’s best custom printed clothing shop. We provide custom hoodies; custom t-shirts, polo’s, tank-tops, sweaters, athletic wear, jerseys, and almost all types and shapes of clothing for businesses, bands or project coordinators like yourself.

We work with the majority of branded shirt suppliers and can source any type of shirt you’d like to use on your order. We use quality product across the board so you don’t ever need to fear about paper-thin tshirts from overseas, b-grade shirts or out-of-style fits.

To plan the right product for your shirt project, we recommend discussing your needs with us. With our industry knowledge… whether you’re looking for basic economy shirts and apparel for events; specialized performance shirts for fitness, or even fits for your clothing  brand… we have the experience to ensure it’ll be a successful shirt order.

You can
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In a rush? use the “Get Your Quote” button above!

With Ottawa Custom Clothing the process is simple.

We can ballpark an order with less, but to fully quote an order accurately and provide our lowest price t-shirt printing option, we will require the style of apparel you’re interested in; the quantity, the color, the sizes, the artwork as an attachment and of course – your preferred delivery address.

From there, we’ll make sure we’re on the same page with the order details. We create a work-order for you to review and approve and if it needs changes, we can edit print or product colors, print locations and other details until you’re happy. That’s the main concern.

Once the work-order is ready to go, we collect a deposit and the order begins.

Often customers start with the “Get Your Quote” button above or will call or E-mail us directly.

We’re one of the best in the business for rush custom shirt printing

Our order turnaround is usually 7 days (unless you’ve inquired about a rush order with our staff), and there will be an additional 1-4 business days needed for delivery depending on your distance from us.

If you’ve got an upcoming order with a deadline under 10 days we recommend discussing it with staff to ensure there’s no stress and everything goes smoothly.

Due to popular demand Ottawa Custom Clothing services all of Canada so your distance from us can effect your “clothing-in-hand” date.

Embroidered clothing can take a little longer as setting up embroidery art-work takes time to achieve a quality result.


Embroidery is perfect for Hat’s, Polo’s, Jackets, Tuques, and Dress Shirts and we take the uncompromising quality of our embroidery business as a point of pride.

Ottawa has several wholesale embroidery companies and our service and digitization is unrivaled in the industry – that’s why we have business all over the country!

Unlike the screen-printing process, embroidery orders are priced pricing is based on stitch-count. If you’re looking for custom embroidered hats; hoodies, jackets tuques or dress shirts part of the pricing equation comes down to the stitch-count of your logo.

We always have a professional embroidery expert assist with your quote to ensure quality and that the right process is chosen for your branded clothing project.

We make it easy to pay!

Once all the details of your screenprinted or embroidered shirt order are confirmed, pay with what’s convenient for you:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • E-mail Bank Transfers

Custom clothing orders can be processed through our online Shirt Designer tool via Stripe Secured Payments or directly through your invoice once it’s approved.

Why should you consider OCC as your trusted screen printing and embroidery company?

Our customers love working with us on their custom shirt projects is our commitment to simplicity and quality during the entire shirt decorating process.

It should go without saying not all custom shirt printing and embroidery companies in Canada have the same level of standards or process. Thankfully, when you’re dealing with a trusted promotional company like us it means you can keep your focus on your primary business or project without seeing poor or slow results and wanting to pull-out your hair in frustration. We expect you’ll notice and appreciate that difference right off the bat when making your first order.

We ship on time and what you expect is what you get.

At Ottawa Custom Clothing we make sure you never have to worry about poor communication; missed deadlines, misaligned prints or incorrect artwork… We provide mock-up artwork to confirm designs and you always get to approve your work-order, print size, print colors and print locations before you process your order.

Your responsibilities really do end once we have print-ready artwork and the job details so you’re free to rest easy knowing your shirt order will arrive exactly the way and date you expected it to. 

Fashion brands, screenprinting or embroidery aficionados and our perfection oriented clients love our passion and eye for detail. Even if you're just here for discount custom shirts you'll appreciate the quality.

For fashion brands and screenprinting or embroidery aficionados, a part of what makes us special is the level of craftsmanship we’ve been able to achieve in the technical part of the silkscreening and embroidery process. Whether it’s half-tone prints; CMYK printing, waterbase and discharge inks, registration tricks, ink cure-times, specialty reflective shirts, puff embroidery, reflective thread, full back embroidery capabilities, or the precise tension calibration of our machines.. we’re always testing the newest and best ways to decorate clothing and passing along the benefits to our customers. We have amazing  quality and pricing on regular orders, and extensive creative options should they want a truly exceptional or unique clothing order.

In very real terms our passion for silkscreen and embroidery practices translates into happy; well-dressed, and value-rich custom clothing customers.

We never compromise when it comes to our work or our commitments.

Lastly, we know our passion and knowledge of the technical side printing and embroidery industry is music to the ears of screen-print lovers and perfectionists; but our real message to anyone considering  Ottawa Custom Clothing as a partner is our simple and community focused philosophy: 

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

While it’s a simple idea, it’s one we take to heart. It’s what builds and strengthens communities. That way of doing business, along side our commitment to simplicity and quality, is what makes us the right choice for any wholesale printed apparel or embroidery order.

Ottawa Custom Clothing makes Silkscreen & Embroidery Orders Easy.


At Ottawa Custom Clothing we pride ourselves on great printing work. See our glowing company shirt printing reviews from happy customers.

"We had an event where we needed hundreds of shirts made at the last minute and amazingly we had it done on time. All our attendee's were satisfied and even the ordering process was simple and the staff were friendly and helpful. We'll be using you guys again for sure! Thanks"
- Sharon
"Our band was looking for some merchandise & occ delivered. Totally recommend thanks guys."
- Mark Lazeritus
"We did an order with this company and can't complain. On-time delivery, shirts that do the job. The artwork took awhile to get right but we're particular. Overall 4/5 experience can't complain."
- Ottawa Valley Drywall
"We tried Ottawa custom clothing because we've used vista print for awhile and have made an effort to go local as much as we can... We found their work is great and the shirts they use are better than vistaprint and less than half the cost! Thanks guys!"
- no. 1 fan


What kind of projects need custom printed shirts?

Custom Uniforms & Company Clothing

While other forms of marketing your business are important, custom printed shirts and uniforms are a key way to show your business cares. Showing up to work-sites in cheap shirts doesn’t give your customers the “wow”-factor required to get their referral and continued business, and neither does it give your employees pride. 

Ordering Custom Shirts from a shirt printing company is a great way to increase your promotional impact on a local level. 

Professionalism is a top-down approach to running a company or organization and there are many styles, fabrics and apparel strategies you can use for your team to stand out above your competition without breaking the budget.

Shirt Printing - Teams, Schools, and Organizations:

When ordering shirts for schools, teams and associations - buyers need to be cost-effective and strategic.

Shirts and apparel can be a great way to raise awareness and money at the same time. Sponsors can be a great partner for those looking to keep costs down, and sponsor logo printing is generally done on the entire shirt back where bigger is better, or on the sleeve or yoke of the shirt if you're going for a less intrusive sponsor print.

In the case of team / athletic shirt orders, there are various different styles of jersey material, and when ordering custom products you have almost limitless color options to show your team spirit. Spirit wear has always been an integral part of supporting and raising funds for teams, schools and other organizations to raise money - and there's more to consider then just what you're wearing on the ice or on the field.

Custom printed hoodies, T-shirts, polo's, tank-tops and more are always fun to receive and wear - as long as you're in home-town colors anyway!

Shirt Printing for Fulfillment, Resale, Dropshipping & Brands:

A common theme we get asked about is whether the T-shirt printing market is saturated, or if  it’s too competitive for a company to make a profit selling custom printed shirts.

T-shirt fulfillment is not a success or failure, win or lose endeavor – it’s a process. While we agree starting a nationwide drop-shipping & fulfillment brand-name that does millions is a super-human challenge for the brave-hearted few, there are many smaller shirt designers making great money.

Some of our clients in the middle ground are selling custom printed shirts at skate shops; on etsy, on their own eCommerce shop or on the back of facebook ads generating 1000’s of sales a year – A+ results and serious money.

Other clients are just doing simple shirt design, selling through 15-20 shirts a month – but it’s a passion and it’s automatic. Adding 300$ to your monthly revenue with custom shirt printing isn’t something to laugh at.

T-shirts for Events, Festivals, & Conferences

Around spring and summer – many festivals, fun-runs, athletic events and more pop-up and in many cases people are looking to have shirts for their audience.

Events like these can be very lucrative for the organizers or the organizations they’re partnered with – and a shirt is not only a great value-ad, but it reminds people to attend next year as well. Doing custom shirts on an event doesn’t even need to cost money – as it provides opportunity for sponsors to get value.

Printed shirts for races and events are something we’re exceptionally good at, and can recommend many different products, prices and offer insight into what makes a good decision in terms of what shirts to go with. 

Any organization can benefit... the possibilities are endless.









Additional Resources and Guides:

Custom clothing t-shirt supplier logo's. We feature t-shirts and other custom shirts from brands like Gildan, American Apparel, Fruit of the Loom, ATC and more.
We work with many t-shirt and apparel providers during custom shirt orders so pick what suits you. These are our most popular shirt suppliers but we can source unique clothing for your custom order as needed.

A final promise to you, our valued printing and embroidery clients:

At Ottawa Custom Clothing we don’t have a crystal ball into the future of the wholesale custom shirt printing business, but we’ve got decades of experience as shirt printers.

Some clients come in looking for the highest quality performance materials in their T-shirt, while others come in looking for the latest styles and new looks. Some want the perfect artwork or perfect print while others just want cheap custom shirts fast. Our buyers are ordering Canada wide and range from people ordering custom shirts for schools; to business, to events, for family reunions, as inside jokes among friends, to fund-raise, to pitch investors, and on and on it goes.

Among all this diversity in our clients, with all their different goals and backgrounds, the one thing that remains consistent is that people want to deal with a company they can trust. They want to trust they will pay a fair price for their shirts. They want to know they can trust the quality of the print and product to last. They want to trust that we can and will deliver on time, and trust that they will still be there when it’s time to re-order or to deal with any issues that arise.

Ultimately, they want to trust that whichever shirt printing company or shirt printer the do business with, will do business with their best interest at heart. What was once a common and expected practice among most businesses is becoming a rare thing that clients respect and come to us for.

At Ottawa Custom Clothing – while the industry, technology and competition may change – our primary motivation will continue to be earning that trust and your continued business through consistency and competitive prices. 

So to all our past, present, and future shirt printing clients the Ottawa Custom Clothing Team would like to say: 

Thank you for working with us!