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Here's how we build trust at the Ottawa Custom Clothing team:
  • When we take photo’s of shirt orders we throw an Ottawa Custom Clothing card on them so you know our shop actually handled and printed the order.
  • We have a whole wack of positive reviews from customers on different review websites (in fact most of our business is from local referrals).
  • We are shared and liked by companies and non-profits who’ve used us in the past on facebook.
  • We do our best to talk the talk. We write out ordering guides on the website and other useful information to help you place a good order.
  • And – best of all – you can hop on the phone and chat with us. Nothing beats hearing from a real person 🙂
We accept major payment processors like paypal, visa, mastercard and interac e-transfer for your security.

We want to use our skill and knowledge to help as many Canadians as possible receive cool custom shirts, uniforms, sportswear and whatever other apparel they might be looking for. We are excited and passionate to be a guiding force in how our country looks and what clothing they wear.

At the end of the day the first order is the hardest to give the go-ahead on for customers, once we get through that then we can grow together!

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Ottawa Custom Clothing loves to help with T-shirt orders. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help placing a Custom T-shirt order.

Main Factors That Determine Custom Shirt Prices:

The Quantity of Shirts (more shirts means lower unit cost): 

The vast majority of custom T-shirts and apparel we print are screen-printed. That means there’s a set-up involved, and even though we don’t charge set-up fee’s, that pricing per print drops the more you do of the same print.

To qualify as the same print, the design or logo you’d like printed must stay the identical size, colours and position on the shirt. This allows us to use the same screen on different colors of shirts, or even different shirt styles – and you save money. 

If colour changes or different logo versions are required, we can offer suggestions on keeping costs down. We work with you to make good choices.

Brand of Clothing (higher quality brands cost more):

Depending on the quality of shirt you’re looking for you may want an economy option (for promotional giveaways) or maybe a top of the line brand for a fashion project.

Different brands have different price points.

Ultimately there are many different brands of shirts, and all go down in price as volume goes up, but deciding on how the shirts will be used will help you pick a brand.

Shirt Style (t-shirts are cheaper than hoodies!)

Fashion continues to develop and styles go in and out of trend. We offer customized polo’s, custom hoodies, sweaters, hats, tuques, tank-tops, tee’s and more – it’s endless. 

Even take a 100% cotton T-shirt as an example – there’s endless variation on what seems like a simple product. You can have heavy cotton, ring-spun cotton, combed cotton, enzyme treated cotton and in all those different ounce weights. And in those fabrics there are different styles of fit. Euro-fit, standard fit, semi-fitted, ladies fit, etc.

The style of shirt you choose will impact pricing, so if you let us know how the shirts will be used we can pin-point your options to what suits your project best. 

Shirt Fabric (choose between cotton, bamboo, polyester, etc):

As mentioned previously, fabrics are an important choice. Today, there are many synthetic fabrics used in T-shirt production.

If your brand is an “athleisure” or gym-wear brand, you may want to use dry-fit materials with polyester or a polyester / cotton blend. 

If you require stretch in your shirts, look for tri-blend fabric. 

Fabric technology has improved greatly in the past decade, and now there are even bamboo and hemp derived fabric  focused on sustainability. Depending on the fabric you require, your price will fluctuate.

Necessary Sizes (uncommon sizes can cost more):

Clothing sizes have a wide range.

We’ve printed everything from baby and toddler sizes to 7XL! No joke, XXXXXXXL!

Not every brand or style carries shirts this size. If you’re looking for uncommon sizes we can do our best to recommend specific products that offer those, and at a fair price.

The Number of Print Locations (more printing = more shop time):

Different parts of the T-shirt are all billed the same, however the total number of shirt print locations will determine the total price. 

For example, a shirt with 1 print location (the front) will be less than one with two (the front and the sleeve). 

Sometimes a good way to come in under budget is reducing the total number of print locations. You will certainly save going from a front, back, and double sleeve design down to just a full front print!

The Number of Print Colours (use what you need, leave what you don’t):

Each color we print is a new screen, and that translates into extra shop time required to complete your custom t-shirt project. That said, we love multi-coloured t-shirt prints and agree that many designs and company branding looks best with multiple colours and print locations. 

There’s a bit of a trade-off when thinking about keeping total costs low and printing a lot of colours, but ultimately we find that designers and companies who have strong artwork do best keeping it as it was originally designed as best they can.

If we see the artwork we can offer creative suggestions to keep costs down, sometimes the shirt colour itself can be used to save a screen.