Gatineau Custom Shirts

Gatineau and Ottawa are always in need of custom shirts and they’re not as separate as people thing – those who deal with the traffic over the bridge know quite well!

If you’re in Gatineau or the Valley and are looking for custom shirts, Ottawa Custom Clothing can be a great fit for helping your business fulfill orders and print it’s shirts. We are printers for the Valley as a whole first and foremost. Our business caters to locals for both cheap and premium custom printed shirts and Gatineau remains a great place for business to flourish.


Here’s some quick tips to help you order shirts in gatineau:

  • First, many companies can claim to be based somewhere, but the production will be happening 1000’s of kilometers away. We won’t mention any names, but many large shops in Ottawa and Gatineau are doing the production our in London, Toronto, even out in Alberta and BC – which might be convenient for them but can slow down the time it takes you to receive your order.
  • Second, if you’re ordering shirt printing in gatineau, try to get on the phone with whoever you’re trying to do business with. During a phone call you can tell if someone is a legitimate printer by the way they respond to questions, whereas by email there’s less signals of confidence, and if they’re unsure of themselves or their quote you won’t be able to tell. It’s all well and good to get an email confirmation that an order won’t be a problem, but speaking to someone gives you accountability.
  • Lastly; quality and price. Think about what you or your businesses needs. Whether you’re a company in gatineau or anywhere, it’s important to define whether you’re looking for a premium product or print or if cheap shirts will better help with your goals. We carry top end product for when the perfect shirt is needed to “wow” your customers and earn their referral, but we also understand there are many events & situations where the cheapest custom t-shirt / cheap printed shirts are the way to go.


If you’re a local Gatineau resident looking for a shirt printer, give us a call. We do business all through Aylmer, Chelsea, Templeton, Wakefield, Masham, La Peche and into Maniwaki and have a pick-up site just off the highway 50 near the Labrosse exit.