Ordering Custom Apparel in Toronto


Torontonians love their city and aren’t afraid to show it when it comes to custom t-shirts and apparel. Such a diverse city has unique needs when it comes to customizing their clothing and showing their pride.

Whether it’s the Maple Leafs, the Raptors or the Blue Jays, you’re bound to see people showing their hearts on their sleeves (literally!) for Toronto.

Main Considerations
  • Host to many large festivals & events
  • Lively music & arts scene
  • High concentration of service businesses

There are lots of factors to consider when ordering custom clothing for your organization or event. There’s a lot of different product options out there, and many printers have a diverse range of shirt styles and fabrics available. Switch it up – order hoodies and t-shirts – to ensure the most exposure for your brand no matter the weather.

Many students make Toronto either their permanent or temporary home while attending UofT, York, Ryerson, Humber or any of another number of post-secondary institutions in the city. Custom clothing is a great way for students to show their true colours, whether for their sorority, fraternity, club or association, and there’s a lot of opportunity to start clothing lines or brands.

Where some organizations might need economy t-shirts for a fundraiser or sporting event, others are looking for custom fashion apparel or uniforms for their businesses.

Seasonal Options
  • Spring & Summer: T-shirts, Tank-tops, Light Hoodies, Long-sleeves, Regular Hats/Caps
  • Fall & Winter: Hoodies, Sweaters, Light & Heavy Jackets, Toques

Toronto’s weather varies greatly. Your custom clothing can follow suit so that it’s always in season! Cotton shirts, polyester apparel and even fleece clothing (like hoodies + sweaters) are great options for a printed apparel purchase because they will see use year-round. Remember that layering is a good idea in the spring and fall when the days start and end cool with a peak period in-between.

Depending on the project, a variety of product can be more practical than an entire run of one shirt style because your branding will get more exposure. To help with this, minimum orders are based on the number of prints, so volume discounts will still apply when ordering different product types as long as your artwork stays the same.

The Bottom Line

Toronto is one of our biggest cities and there’s thousands of brands, businesses, events and organizations that use custom clothing in various ways. As a buyer, remember to cater to those who will wear your clothing in your material choices, colours and sizes to stand out in the crowd.


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