Custom Shirts for Bands

Did you realize many bands make more money selling custom shirts than they do selling their music?

Some bands we work with tell us that without custom shirts they wouldn’t be making anything! With the right design, a custom t-shirt is not only a great way to raise awareness for your band, but it’s also easy to triple up your money as you sell through.


Quick Tips:

  • People like black shirts the most. Then dark grays, navy, red, and white in no particular order.
  • The fewer print colors and print locations the less the shirt will cost – but some artwork NEEDS lots of colors to pop – use your judgement
  • The cost you sell shirts for should stay the same, but the more you do of the same design in a single run the cheaper your cost is.
  • Do you go with a cheaper shirt or a more expensive one? The product itself makes a difference and when your shirt is someones their favorite to wear they’ll have great vibes for you for life.


Beyond the actual economics of buying and reselling shirts – it just really feels good to have custom band shirts. You’re wearing your own shirt and it’s a conversation starter.