Ordering  Embroidered Shirts on Kijiji

We wanted to detail some good practices for ordering embroidered custom shirts on kijiji after our post on kijiji shirt printing was found helpful.

Our top 5 tips on ordering custom embroidery on Kijiji

1. Pick up the phone

Same as with printing – you usually want to call your embroidery supplier first as it will help you sift through all the details of an order quickly. Turnaround time, shirt styles, fabric types, pricing and more can take several days of back-and-forth emails, whereas a quick phone call can hammer it out in a few minutes and outline the next steps to placing an order.

On kijiji, while our experience has always been positive, you need to be aware that there are scammers out there and vetting them over the phone is a great idea. If they are struggling or unsure in their answers to basic questions about the embroidery process, shirt styles or fabrics or any part of the ordering process, you’ll probably be safer and better off moving on to another supplier. Scammers like to hide behind email, because they can always research answers and seem credible, without necessarily having any first-hand shop experience.

2. Digitizations

 Whether you’re dealing with a custom embroidery provider from kijiji or elsewhere, the first step to ordering embroidered shirts is having a digitization. A digitization is different than a regular image or artwork file – it’s role is to plot the stitches and thread colors the embroidery machine will produce.

Embroidery digitizations are a one time expense, and digitizations will last forever. Embroiderers can work from an existing digitization if you’ve got it already, or they will have an artist who can do it in house.

Expect to pay anywhere from 25-150$ for your digitization on average.

3. Picking Apparel to Embroider

When searching for an embroiderer on kijiji, you can use it as a doorway to a low-cost provider who will fulfill and ship your clothing online, or as a path to finding a local embroidery shop near you to go visit and feel the products in person.

A salesfloor, sales staff and sample products all add to a companies overhead – so decide whether you want to feel and fit your shirts at the expense of paying more, or if you’re comfortable ordering online from a spec sheet or from samples to achieve a lower price.

4. Mock-ups and stitch-outs

 When doing embroidery through kijiji, especially if you’re doing an online order, mock-ups are essential to ensure accurate logo size, position and color on your custom shirts. Embroidery companies are able to go a step beyond mock-ups and do stitch-outs as well.

Usually stitch-outs are done with an order, and they will send you a photo of your logo on a test-shirt. Don’t expect this to be part of the quote process for free, but if you’ve placed an order ask them to see the stitch out before doing the full run so you know exactly what you’re getting.

5. Communicate

When ordering custom products like embroidery though kijiji, the main place it can fall apart is communication. If you have an event deadline, special sizing, thread color or dimension requests, need updates on your order or have questions – it’s up to you to communicate that with your embroidery provider.

Doing business is about feeling comfortable with the company you’re working with, so if you don’t feel at ease with the companies response time you’d be best off moving on to a new provider.

Bonus kijiji embroidery buying tip:

 Once the order is complete, asses your embroidery closely and see if it’s exactly what you wanted. In some ways getting custom clothing made is like a hair-cut; each provider does it a little bit differently and if you will be reordering form them – you can mention sizing or detail changes or color variations you might want on your re-order.

That’s it!

Embroidery is always a great look when done right, and hopefully these tips help you navigate the kijiji custom embroidery buying experience – there are some great providers on there looking to fill schedules so don’t assume they’re all fly-by-night shops.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve had an overall positive experience with Kijiji and if you make sure to follow these tips I’m sure you will too.