Ordering Printed Shirts on Kijiji

As a business who sells custom shirts and shirt printing on Kijiji (and have done so for years) we’ve got some great insight into what makes a kijiji shirt printing project successful and where it can fall apart.

Here’s our top 5 tips on ordering custom printed shirts from Kijiji:


1. A phone call is a great start

Ordering shirts has a number of variables that can be hard to address through kijiji messaging or email.
Things like the total number of printed shirts, the fabric selection of those shirts, product styles (“do you guys carry polos?”), turnaround times & more can all take much less time than if you go down the rabbit-hole of emailing back and forth.

A call quickly clarifies all these details and you and your shirt printer can figure out the next steps from there


2. Did I mention a phone call is a great start?

This time – for security reasons. While our kijiji shirt experience has been overall very positive, there are scammers out there. A great way to vet people is by speaking to them over the phone. You will hear their voice and can get a sense of whether they know their industry by how they answer questions.

If your shirt printer or embroidery can’t answer basic questions about their products, process or turnaround times – better to be safe and move on to a different custom shirt maker.


3. Shirt mock-ups; always get mock-ups

On kijiji many clients come to us with a sense of urgency on their shirt printing project, which can result in a tendency to rush through the quoting process. We’ve found that mock-ups are a cornerstone to making a kijiji shirt printing order a success, because it’s one thing to say “I want our logo in red on a shirt” but pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to size, placement and exact color matching.

Have your shirt printer send over mock-ups to ensure a perfect order.


4. Have good artwork, or find a shirt shop with good design rates

Ultimately a good looking print is a top down approach starting with quality, high resolution artwork. Someone doing shirt printing on kijiji, or any shirt printer really, will find it impossible to get a good looking print with bad looking art.

Some design tips: If you’re having artwork designed for your business, event or company – from the beginning get it done as a vectored image or a 300+ DPI rasterized image. Printers can generally work from Corel, Photoshop, .png, .jpg, and PDF’s – but the files need to be of good quality. To asses whether your artwork is print ready or not – a good rule of thumb is to size the artwork on your monitor about as large as it should be on the shirt – then zoom in 30-50%. If it looks like junk with jagged edges, that’s what your shirts will look like too.

Many shirt companies advertising on kijiji can clean up artwork, but expect to pay a bit extra for their artists time.


5. Find out their extra charges!

Many kijiji shirt printers offer a teaser rate but you will get hit heavily later on in the quote process with hidden fee’s or set-up charges. Here are some common places for extra charges to pop-up

  • “Set-up” or “Screen fee’s”
  • Switching ink colors during a run
  • Shirts XXL+ and larger
  • Delivery
  • Rush charges (if you need your order with a short turnaround)
  • Adding different print locations, custom tags or collar prints
  • Metallic inks

None of these extra charges are deceptive or bad practice on the part of your shirt printer – but always compare your ALL IN COSTS between shirt printers, because some have these as extras while others include them.

Some kijiji printers will advertise 3$ T-shirts, but forget to mention the real cost after set-up printing and delivery is closer to 7-8$ per shirt, so don’t hesitate to get full answers to their fee structures!


Bonus kijiji custom shirt printing buying tip:

Once the order is complete, asses your screen printed shirts closely and see if it’s exactly how you wanted your print and if it’s in the right position. Like a hair-cut; each provider does it a little bit differently, with colors and standards – so if you liked the process, quality and customer service of the company – you can mention sizing or detail changes or color variations you might want on your re-order so it’s perfect and your reorders are always consistent.


That’s it!

Hopefully those tips and suggestions help you if you find yourself searching for deals on shirt printing on kijiji.

As I mentioned earlier we’ve had an overall positive experience with Kijiji and if you make sure to follow these tips I’m sure you will too.

If you’d like to work directly with us feel free to get a quote