Ordering Custom Shirts in Muskoka

What You Should Know

Muskoka! Cottage Country.

Muskoka has a population near about 60 000 during winter, but really becomes a hub with tourists during summer with seasonal property owners totalling nearly 2x the regular population.

There’s plenty of opportunity for local business owners to produce custom Muskoka shirt prints to sell to seasonal visitors and with the right artwork it’s easy to triple your investment.

Beyond the seasonal cottagers, there’s many of supporting businesses run by locals. Building trades like landscapers, carpenters, construction businesses and property maintenance teams are common, and so are restaurants and bars. Each industry has their own clothing needs, but don’t forget the tourism opportunity. Cottagers are ready to spend.

Main Considerations

-Muskoka is almost like cities in one, consider how different it is from season to season
-Custom shirt printing needs here are summer focused
-For retailing products, make sure your artwork is on-point and inspired. A boring print won’t sell as well as it used to.
-Don’t forget the youth products! Many cottagers have a big need to outfit their youngsters

Seasonal Options

-Spring & Summer: T-shirts, Tank-tops, Light Hoodies, Long-sleeves, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Regular Hats/Caps

The Bottom Line

Whatever you clothing needs there’s certainly plenty of options, however don’t forget the quality artwork. Some stick figures fishing won’t sell printed shirts like a beautiful colorful layout of soft cotton will.